MS Society

When you get a diagnosis of a chronic illness, such as Multiple Sclerosis, the Doctors in the hospital are only interested in treating the physical  manifestation of the disease and the mental and emotional care are usually left to the patient, at home and by themselves. Although we are privileged to have access to the care we have, we all know that by treating the whole person, both the physical and mental aspects are essential. And that’s where I come in!

With my help you can help maintain your independence, increase your confidence and  reduce your fears.

If I can help you feel stronger about who you are then you can start to trust your own decisions on your own health and treatment leading to a better outcome for you, and that what anyone wants.

We all know that MS is not going to go away, however by discovering our own thoughts and beliefs and by understanding ongoing levels of stress, you have a starting point for improvement. Our emotional health directly impacts our physical health.

Stress doesn’t come from what’s going on in our lives, it comes from your thoughts about what’s going on in your life.  We need to process what we think, feel and believe first. Our brain is such a powerful tool and it determines so much for us.  Understating our minds gives us more power to influence our own lives.

Stressful life events often correspond to worsening of the disease. Many of my clients often believe they don’t need anyone else’s help, they can do it by themselves. They refuse to go to meetings because they may see people worse off than themselves and see what might come their way. Then they feel scared and and uninspired. With my help you can find compassion for yourself. Learn to build your strength from the inside out.

So lets help you to treat the whole body, allow your thoughts to be heard  and your needs considered so you can build your inner strength. Let’s treat the whole body, not just the symptoms that present at hospital. Then you have hope to halt the progression of the disease and create your own self help strategy.

I am committed to transforming how disease is treated and having people realise their own influence on their health. And each recipe to build you up is as individual as you are. And you matter.

I have the privilege of working with the Fareham and Gosport MS Society.

I give talks and workshops to the groups and also offer life coaching and hypnotherapy for those who are struggling with the emotional side of having MS. I help individuals from diagnosis to coping with the every changing limitations that MS brings to peoples life’s.

There are many lovely local groups around and anyone who has MS or someone they care for has it, please get in touch. I work face-to face with those in the local area, including home visits if required. I have wheelchair access in my home and I am also available for zoom consultations throughout the UK. Let me help you to navigate your way though the thoughts, emotions and mental up’s and downs that living with MS brings.

Have a look at the local area website which might help you with other aspects of this amazing local group.