About me

I am a professionally qualified Master Life Coach and therapist based Fareham, Hampshire. My love of coaching comes from 25 years experience as a therapist, hypnotherapist and life coach  working with adults and children.

Like anyone that enters the field of helping people, it usually comes from something inside telling us we aren’t good enough, that we aren’t happy with some aspect of our life and we start the journey of self discovery.


My journey started in 1993 and has been sometimes painful, but always insightful. I think I took myself on the long way round! But that made me who I am today and I like that about me.

One thing I discovered was that I often wished I had had help and support when I was much younger. If I had then my life may have turned out differently – we will never know! However from this my passion grew to help young people to discover an easier and better way of being in the world. To help them with understanding how their minds truly work, to give them coping tools and strategies to use anytime, anywhere, so they can navigate the up’s and down’s of life. Ultimately to help them achieve everything they want in life and believe they can do it.

I also love working with adults who have decided that it is time to grow, make changes and discover more of their true self. Helping them to make decisions on what they want out of life and discover more of their inner world.

With children I particularly love watching their transformation of those I have worked with over the years and now I want to share this with as many youngsters as I can, and in a way that is easy and fun to understand. There is so much anxiety in children these days and it is affecting their lives in so many ways, and in particular social anxiety and impostor syndrome.

My coaching style is warm, intuitive, supportive and fun and I work with youngsters from the age of 8 years. I have over 5 years of one-to-one and group coaching and therapy with young people and I maintain my CPD. I am always learning new things as I have an inquisitive nature!

I also have a current Enhanced DBS Certificate (criminal background check for people working with children) and a current Safeguarding certificate.

I have also worked with hundreds of adults over the years, helping them with issues such as anxiety, weight loss, lack of sleep and many more. My results have been excellent and I get many referrals of clients coming back to me for a different issue that needs addressing as they appreciate the help I gave them before. This warms my heart and I am lucky to have met and worked with such lovely people.

Please contact me as I would live to help you or someone you care of, young or old, to have a better, happier and more fulfilling life.


There is a general presumption that all children and adults are broken, that they cannot be fixed and that they all lack something inside. And for me this is not true!

I believe that every individual has all the resources and resilience they need inside. That they can call on it whenever they want to, it’s just that they have lost this connection and need to be pointed back to it.

We all have inside a bounce back ability that is our internal resilience however we often temporarily lose sight of this and this is when the world seems frightening or overwhelming.

I want to help point your child or you back to their own inbuilt mental and emotional well-being quickly and easily. Making it easier to navigate all the challenges life throws at them and you.

All of us have access to our own answers within, and sometimes we don’t trust our own gut feelings or intuition and we go off track. When we do reconnect we get the ‘A-ha” moments that really change our lives forever.

We all intuitively know that happiness, well being and resilience are not to be found in the amount of possessions, the clothes we wear, what weight we are, how much money we have, or by what other people think of us. By understand and realising that every individual possess everything they need to lead a contented, satisfying and successful life, you can relax and watch their uniqueness unfold and reconnect to your own.


Society has become acutely aware of this growing crisis regarding mental health but currently lacks sustainable, effective solutions.

The waiting list for interventions from government agencies is over 2 years now, and our young people need help now

Why wait until crisis point? Contact me to see how I can help your youngster or indeed yourself to feel better and be better able to manage and enjoy your life.

I also do talks for any group who will have me!  and I have a particular affiliation to the Fareham and Gosport MS Society who’s work in supporting those with MS is amazing. I help with supporting the emotional and mental needs of those diagnosed or living with the every changing dynamics of an MS diagnosis.

Call me for a friendly chat and see how I can help you or your child become happier, more confident and more resilient.