About me

Hi, my name is Sue Topham and I work with children (ages 8 – 18), individuals and groups to reconnect with their inner mental resilience and well being.

I believe in encouraging everyone to understand and discover how their minds truly work so that they can manage their thoughts and emotions, to be in control of their lives once again.

I encourage and coach all I work with to enable them to have a better and more fulfilling future.

I specialise in coaching and therapy for children and adults

I work with individuals and groups understanding and resolving anxiety, low self esteem, lack of confidence, self harming, eating disorders, exam stress and a host of mental health issues. Allowing each individual to become the best they can be with the skills to support and maintain this.

Children's Anxiety

Time is precious

I understand how difficult it is to manage emotions when your child has a meltdown.

How painful it is to watch them struggle when anxiety and panic overtake them.

Children feel scared, alone and vulnerable especially at school, some are bullied and this all add’s up you being worried about your child’s anxiety levels and wanting to seek help. Well you’ve found me!

As we all know, anxiety in children is on the increase and I can help children who are are showing signs of anxiety, who are struggling in education, who have body image issues, who are suffering with exam stress, whose lives have been overtaken by social media, who don’t know how to cope with social interactions or family problems.

I know and believe that no child is broken. Underneath any behaviours you might be concerned about I believe that each child has innate well being and innate mental health. I help children realise and tap into that, and in a fun way too! I show children how to thrive, no matter what. How to tap into inner calmness and inner confidence.